Clotilde JNT



Born in 1990 in France - Currently based in Amsterdam -
Always looking for an Opportunity to see more of the world

Clotilde Jeannot (aka @ici.coco) is a multidisciplinary artist. Forever curious, she spends her (studio) time experimenting around the idea of languages and vocabularies, fuelled by her never ending will to discover and learn new things Every single sound, smell, image, object or scene… that crosses her path becomes a spark of inspiration, a good reason to invent a new story, create a new piece… Her favorite ways to express herself are through colours, composition and movement. Clotilde is determined to play, discover and create everyday of her life. Her goal is to awaken the curiosity in others, to ignite the pull to play and find joy in the “little things” of life, her art is a reminder to daydream about what can be if only we get curious about our inner world. Her current research is titled “Cool Beans”. For this project, she created a set of 35 shapes called “Beans”, inspired by nature at different scales (from the almost invisible to the idea of cosmos). The Beans are a tool, an alphabet, a set of musical notes, that she uses to compose visual stories. She became fascinated by the unlimited ways she could transform the beans by changing their colour, scale or material, infinite compositions, so many different stories to be told through the same 35 forms. She experiments with all the different medias and processes she gets the opportunity to explore – from paper collage to painting larger scale murals, ceramic, kinetic suspensions, textiles… – with main aim to develop all the languages and vocabularies possible, out of these 35 shapes.


& features

New Chapter – Solo Show – New Chapter Studio
Amsterdam, Netherlands – 2022

MARK IT DOWN – Residency and 5 group shows
Amsterdam, Netherlands – sept 2022 – april 2023

ICI.COCO x Alex Mora Studio – Residency Alex Mora Studio 
CDMX Mexico – 2021

MARK IT DOWN – Mural Residency (165m2)
Amsterdam, Netherlands – 2021

WUNDERKAMMER – Room with a view – group show – Fuse, NDSM
Amsterdam, Netherlands – 2021

SUMMERTIME part 2 – Solo Show – Back to Black 
Amsterdam, Netherlands – 2021

SUMMERTIME part 1 – Solo Show – Back to Black
Amsterdam, Netherlands – 2020

HOLA GWAPA – Artist feature

HOLA GWAPA – Artist Take over
Instagram – 2020

NOMADS – Performance – Fringe Festival
Amsterdam, Netherlands – 2019

ICI.COCO x BACANE – Studio Spritz
Marseille, France – 2019

URBAN WANDER – Solo show – Moncoeur Belleville
Paris, France – 2017

CABINET DE CURIOSITES – Group show – La voir au public 
Lyon, France – 2013