of beans

Clotilde’s biggest mural so far. Mark it down gave her in july 2021 the opportunity to cover a warehouse along with 11 other artists . With the floor and walls Clotilde got to cover the biggest part of the building for a total of 165m2 of Beans.

One of the most recent vocabulary Clotilde created. See it as a recipe, you look for the good Beans, you lay them out on a paper, when ready, you slice it all in equal parts, mixe all the pieces with seasoning, present them down on a second paper, you are ready for a delightful Beans salad.

1st experimentations for an upcoming« home » collection. Email me when available.

Commission piece for Nisha Btesh founder of the Hola Gwapa community. Giving her company a Beans Identity for a day of take over of the Instagram platform of Hola Grape, and creating a unique piece inspired by it.

This Collection is inspired by the beauty of the raw and sun-filled « Terra Cotta » material and colour. » In this Terra cotta série, « Beans » talk about how to the sun dances in the sky, how it falls on the burning rocks, creating organic shadows and sparkling warm tones on the sand and skins…

Another way to use Beans to write stories, another vocabulary that celebrate movement, an invitation to the view to interact with art and become part of a creative process.

Made with 1000 paper "Bean" shapes individually cut, placed and glued on paper As much as this piece was about creating a new layout / vocabulary with the 35 shapes (the so called "Beans"), developed by Clotilde for her research, it was also made with a performative approach...

In case of doubt? Play! - Experimenting, inventing and trying will forever be Clotilde’s favourite thing to do. Ideas create Ideas. Beans on pumpkins, her take on the halloween tradition.

The first series of Beans, the actual OG Beans Collages. These is the base of Clotilde’s research, the pillars of the designs she created.

« This collaboration has been everything I love about making art and being in the creative process: Freedom
- Experimentation and Playfulness! Thanks Nuud for trusting me and giving me the chance to create anything my mind could imagine and letting me explore a whole new creative process around it. »

A série of 15 original collages - to celebrate boobs in all they shapes, colours and glory!

Mural realized in january 2021 on 2 shipping containers at Tree House NDSM, where Clotilde was a resident artist from march 2020 to december 2021.

A compilation of some of the most recent prints Clotilde created. Screenprints and Risoprints. See all available pieces or Contact me if you would like to see my catalogue for all available pieces.

How it all started. In the Beans story, this série of Ink paintings is the introduction. Through this série Clotilde created the Bean language, its universe and inspirations.

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