Ici.coco X Nuud

« This collaboration has been everything I love about making art and being in the creative process: Freedom.

– Experimentation and Playfulness! Thanks Nuud for trusting me and giving me the chance to create anything my mind could imagine and letting me explore a whole new creative process around it. »

This project was thought as a double challenge :

– Creating 50 boxes, all different, making each of them tell a unique story, be a beautiful imagination starter…

– While using the potential of the number (of boxes) to create a bigger piece, a more complicated canvas, a kind of puzzle.

« I love the idea that 50 different people, will receive 50 different boxes, which will sparkle many stories in their minds… while each piece belongs to the same bigger picture / idea. »

IN NUMBERS: – 396 beans – 100 hours – 50 boxes – 25 steps (in the process) – 15 layers – 7 colours – 4 markers – 2 brushes – 1 pencil – 2 failed packs – 1 hidden mistake – a whole lot of joy!